Cunt Coloring Book

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Cunt Coloring Book

By Tee Corinne.

Over three dozen vulvas of every size and description for you to colour. Every person's flesh flower is a beautiful & unique snowflake. Just ask Tee Corinne. Sometime in the early 70's, she began asking her friends if they would show her their vaginas so she could draw them. A few years later, she left her husband, came out as a lesbian & published a book of all her pussy portraits. She called it the Cunt Coloring Book. "Coloring, according to Tee, was a very good way for kids to learn about the female sex, 'because a major way we learn to understand the world, as children, is by coloring.'"
But there were many who did not agree. They found the book's cover & title offensive. So they made Tee change it to the O'Keefeian Labia Flowers, & mask the cartographic vagina on the front with sketches of actual flora. That's when sales started to plummet. People didn't want flowers. They wanted cunts. Thus the original title & cover were restored.

Paperback. 32 pages.