22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn Ons

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22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn Ons

Real life couples explicitly guide you through creative new techniques. Cast aside inhibitions and experience exciting new turn ons! From learning self-pleasuring techniques to enjoying passionate sex in "forbidden places". . . dancing erotically. . . acting out your wildest fantasies, this program will help you and your partner reach your ultimate level of sexual arousal, pleasure and satisfaction.

12 couples toss all inhibitions to the wind as they demonstrate in explicit detail everything you need to know to take your sex life to a higher level. All it takes from you is a sense of adventure! Explore these exciting topics:

  • Dirty dancing: turn your lover on with erotic dancing for her - and for him!
  • Turning sex fantasies into reality
  • Mastering the art of seduction
  • Getting kinky: using restraints to heighten stimulation
  • Taking male, female and mutual masturbation to new levels
  • The fantasy of multiple partners
  • Stimulating the "male G-spot" for dynamite orgasms
  • The naughty technique of taking sex out of the bedroom
  • Sexy spanking

You'll also get tips and advice from adult sex education sex therapists on making your erotic experience better than ever. This hot video shows couples how to ramp up the passion, no matter how long you've been together, for a sex life that's simply sensational!

Running time: 78 minutes