Aslan Cherry Jaguar G Harness

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Aslan Cherry Jaguar G Harness

Sleek, sexy sophisticated the Jaguar has it all! Designed for comfort, style and performance the Jaguar Harness has slim line buckles at the hips for maximum comfort and secure hold, D ring closures on the butt strap make the Jaguar design simple to put on (unbuckle one side, step in, adjust buckles to fit) it sits low on the hips like low-rise jeans. Made from sexy garment leather this harness fits the body like a glove. There is also a vegan rubber version.

Designed for the ultimate ride the Jaguar's dildo placement is lower than most traditional harnesses allowing for pressure on the clit. It's open over the o-ring for a more intimate feeling and more sensation directly from the toy. Two strap design allows for plenty of access between the legs. A three point snap out O ring system (come with one 2" rubber o-ring) allows for interchangeable O ring sizes.The Jaguar's soft heavy garment leather and sleek design allows it it to perform equally well as a packing harness.


The Jaguar G, has only one butt strap - G string style.

Cherry colour only.

Size L only - 36" to 56" hips