Bend Over Boyfriend 2

  • 4500

This "sequel" to the original Bend Over Boyfriend guide spends more time on hot sex and less time on instruction. As the makers put it, "More Rockin', Less Talkin'."

Four separate couples enjoy the many ways that men can be penetrated anally by their female partners with a harness & dildo (aka strap-on). This DVD shows a wide range of ages and body types, and some of the couples also like to play with female dominance/male submission as a part of the sex scene. This shows realistic and passionate lovers who enjoy each other and the many ways that sexual pleasure can be shared.

Starring Carol Queen, Chloe, Jack Manx. Directed by Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano. 80 minutes long.

This DVD does not have region-specific coding and is playable all over the world.