Crash Pad Series - Volumes 1-6

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Crash Pad Series - Volumes 1-6

From acclaimed producer/director Shine Louise Houston, comes one of the most celebrated independent hardcore movies of our time - the Crash Pad.

What is the Crash Pad? It's a secret apartment where lesbians visiting solo or with partners are guaranteed to have deliciously, dripping hot sex on every occasion.

This is one of the best independent lesbian features EVER shot. It's guaranteed to get you steaming within the first five minutes. It's all here: sizzling strap-on sex, juicy orgasmic squirting, an incredible solo scene and an equally delectable group scene. Femmes and butches, girls and bois comprise an attractive cast that clearly loves to get it ON!

Director Shine Louise Houston mainly uses real and culturally diverse - couples and the chemistry between them is shockingly intense. Houston also puts her well earned film degree to use and thankfully The Crash Pad suffers from none of the technical distractions that usually plague independent queer porn. Worth watching a second time, and a third, and a fourth and well you get the picture.

In The Crash Pad Series, leading indie feminist porn director Shine Louise Houston returns to the world of her astonishing debut film The Crash Pad  for a series of self-contained vignettes that recreate all the power, passion, and hotness of the original. The premise remains the same: some lucky people are given keys to a very special apartment, and once inside, they let their inhibitions go.

Volume 4- Rope Burn  Cast: Brooklyn Flaco, Carson, Jiz Lee, Dallas Fivestar, Sadie Lune, Tricksie Treat, Stella, Cash, Ex, Muscle Beach

Volume 5- The Revolving Door  Cast: August, Stacy Staxxx, Rex, Scarlett Chaos, Red, Cyd Loverboy, Kuma, Julie Warren, Shawn (aka Syd Blakovich), Mickey Mod

Volume 6- Wide Open   Cast: Princess Donna, Jiz Lee, Dylan Ryan, Syd Blakovich, Ray, Carson, Casey Grey, Tina Horn, James Darling, Cyd Loverboy