Diva Cup

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The DivaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and sits low in the vaginal canal, collecting rather than absorbing your menstrual flow. Menstrual cups have existed since the 1930s when people were searching for an alternative to the choices of the time. Yet, its breakthrough into the period hygiene industry is much more recent.

Many people feel uneasy about changing their menstrual care routine. Years of dealing with the sights and odours of disposable tampons and pads cause the familiar reaction: “ick!”. The DivaCup empowers people to connect with their bodies and menstrual cycles. Perfect for all activities (on air, land or sea), it is easy care and use make for a better period experience. Wear The DivaCup for up to 12 hours without leaks or worry. Made of health-care grade silicone.

The DivaCup is available in two sizes, Model 1 and Model 2. Your cup size is stamped on the inside rim of the cup. There is a small difference between the two sizes (Model 1 is 1/8″ (~0.3 cm) smaller), but it is important to use the recommended sizing to prevent leakage.

Model 1: Recommended for people under 30 years old who have never delivered vaginally or by cesarean section.

Model 2: Recommended for people over 30 years old and/or for people who have delivered vaginally or by cesarean section.