ElectraStim Urethral Sound

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Use this with the Electrastim Flicker Power Box

Sometimes the scariest looking sex toys are the most pleasurable! These uni-polar electrified urethral dilators  are crafted from 316 stainless steel with a completely smooth finish for enhanced comfort during play. Measuring 5.1 inches in length, and 5mm in diameter

Use some lubricant along the length and gently slip the urethral sound into your penis. Once in place you can power up your ElectraStim stimulator to experience intense throbbing and heightended sexual arousal that can be enough to bring you to a powerful orgasm hands free. Use the probe alongside a uni-polar cock ring for intense full-length pleasure. 3 sachets of sterile lubricant and 3 cleaning wipes are also included in each set, along with a sturdy storage case.

Electrode Type: 

Uni-polar for internal stimulation - takes 1x 2mm pin connector. One urethra dilator, 3 x alcohol wipes and 3 x sterile lube sachets are included. You will need a second uni-polar electrode to complete the circuit. 


130mm in length (approximately 5.1 inches). 5mm diameter


316 stainless steel with an insulated skin-safe rubber base.