Maximizing G Spot Pleasures

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Maximizing G Spot Pleasures

This enlightening program guides you through the fascinating history and ongoing controversy of the Gspot to the dramatic demonstration of Gspot orgasms and fluid expulsion. Dr. Lori Buckley provides and easy-to-follow diagram of female sexual anatomy including detailed instruction on Gspot location. Three couples explicitly demonstrate Gspot arousal techniques including "come hither" method - best positions to enhance stimulation and numerous toys to enhance arousal. Watch and learn as our loving couples reveal a range of responses to Gspot stimulation from indifference to extreme pleasure. In this 45-minute video, you'll learn:

  • How to locate and arouse the G-spot
  • New positions for maximum stimulation
  • Stimulating the G-spot with fingers and penis
  • The use of special "G-spot toys"
  • How "female ejaculation" works
  • More effective masturbation techniques with fingers and toys