Painfully Obvious

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Painfully Obvious

Painfully Obvious: An Irreverent & Unauthorized Manual for Leather/SM

"Painfully Obvious" is a collection of 40 provocative essays by the former publisher of Drummer magazine and popular San Francisco leather columnist Robert Davolt. Originally written for the (the international leather community's "website of record" for news and commentary) this anthology takes an unorthodox look at leather relationships, community, contests, business, tradition, history and leadership. Inside perspective and practical tips on "What To Wear," "Leather On The Cheap" and "Passing The Bar," are delivered with authoritative research and barbed humor.

Robert Davolt's gift is to be a voice among leathermen. And now, with characteristic wit, style, and eloquence, he shares his prospective on a number of issues of relevance to the leather community.

  • When he offers tips on running a leather business, he’s writing from personal experience—he has been in the position of earning a paycheck by producing a product for the leather community.
  • When he offers advice to budding leather columnists, he offers credentials in the form of this book and in the fact that he has in the past taught journalism. (Don’t believe that stuff about "Those who can’t do, teach"—at least not in this instance.)
  • He has been involved in all aspects of leather contests. When he writes advice to prospective contestants, contestant sponsors, judges, titleholders or contest promoters, he knows what he’s writing about because he’s been in all those roles at one time or another.
  • And he has certainly spent enough time in leather bars to be able to write authoritatively about "painfully correct leather bar etiquette."

Therefore, Robert Davolt merits your attention, respect and credence. You may not always agree with him or with his point of view, but listen to what he has to say. He’s been there. And he’s willing to speak his mind and pulls no punches, since he has no advertisers to worry about offending.

Although these columns were written predominantly for gay leathermen, this book is certainly worthwhile reading for leather lesbians and kinky heterosexuals too. Davolt has always prided himself on being, in his words, an "equal-opportunity curmudgeon." Whoever you are, you’ll find a lot of leather wisdom (and just plain wisdom, too) in these pages.