Perfect Fit 3 Silicone Ring Set

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Classic and versatile, Perfect Fit's Xact-Fit cock ring collection features a choice of three snug rings meant to enhance the sexual experience for both partners. In soft brushed silicone, the chosen ring can be worn over the shaft of the penis, shaft and scrotum or scrotum alone, depending on desired effect.

Three available sizes allow for customized snugness and positioning. Generally, beginners should start with the largest size and move onto the smaller versions over time- smaller cock rings are usually suited to more advanced users due to a more intense constriction effect. In any case, remove immediately if any discomfort is felt.

In ultra silky silicone, each hygienic, hypoallergenic Ring will warm to match body temperature during wear (it can also be heated or cooled more dramatically prior to use). As with any silicone based toy, choose a great quality water based lube in combination- avoid silicone formulas and store away from other soft toy materials whenever possible.



  • 1.4" (3.5cm) diameter
  • 1.7" (4.3cm) diameter
  • 2.0" (5cm) diameter