The Better Sex Guide to Sex & Pregnancy: Connected & Loving It!

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The Better Sex Guide to Sex & Pregnancy: Connected & Loving It!

Hot, sexy, and pregnant? You bet! In the Better Sex Guide to Sex & Pregnancy, you'll learn how to be creative and intensify intimacy when a partner is expecting. Esteemed physicians provide useful guidelines regarding the changes occurring in a woman’s body, while a lively discussion group shares their own fascinating experiences. Equally helpful, an attractive, expecting couple explicitly performs comfortable, exciting positions for intercourse and oral sex. Also covered are precautions, marital aids, exercise, sensual massage, and marvelous techniques for getting sexually reacquainted post pregnancy. Feature: 55 minutes. 
What You'll Learn:
  • How to embrace and explore her sex drives—the ups and the downs
  • See real couples perform Sex Positions that enable more pleasurable and comfortable sexual encounters during pregnancy
  • Erotic Massage techniques that are both stimulating and beneficial
  • How best to use Sex Toys during pregnancy
  • Explore Oral Sex with informative tips and techniques
  • Learn the physical changes to anticipate and what to expect during and after
  • Getting back to sex after the baby - our experts tell you when and how to have sex for the first time after the baby