The Toybag Guide to Medical Play

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The Toybag Guide to Medical Play

The Toybag Guide to Medical Play by Tempest

Guidelines and ideas for anyone attuned to roleplaying as a doctor, nurse or patient. Here's how to set the scene with equipment and props, some basic ideas for medical "exams" and "treatments," and important techniques for keeping your space, equipment and play safe and hygienic.

You'll learn:

  • How to set up your playspace with fun, realistic equipment, even if you're on a budget
  • How to stock your kit with everything you need to "play doctor"
  • Some ideas for "treatments" and "exams" that they don't teach in medical school
  • How to use bandages, casts and other medical equipment as unique bondage items
  • Introductions to the basic concepts of invasive play like catheters, sounds and piercing
  • How to maintain your equipment safely and hygienically

Paperback. 104 pages.