Workshop - Erotic Photography, Creating Beautiful Images - Sunday, February 24

  • 2500

Creating erotic photographs using only available light is the focus of this workshop. Each photograph is a collaboration between the model, or models, and the photographer, so together the two, the three, or the more of you will decide and create what is erotic. The synergy between everyone involved is the essential glue to creating photographs that are treasured.

Your primary tools are light, vision and composition. This workshop is for everyone with a camera and as cell phone technology improves so do the cameras in your phones. Often you will find yourself in spontaneous or challenging conditions working on the fly. This will be when your rapport with everyone will help you take advantage of circumstance to compose. Composition is about what you see in the frame of the picture. Get it right in camera, get it right in the frame and you have gold.

To know what makes a great composition takes vision. Seeing the picture in your mind and knowing where to put yourself to create that picture with the light and location you have means you will have the best chance to create a great picture.

Each situation, each model, will present you with opportunities galore to be creative. Come an enjoy a discussion about craft, about an erotic art form.


Date:  Sunday, February 24

Time:  6:00pm

Registration fee:  $25 for one person, or $40 for two people registering together