Workshop - Intro to Wax Play - Sunday, March 17 at 6pm

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Workshop - Intro to Wax Play - Sunday, March 17 at 6pm

Explore your sensual side with this workshop and demonstration on erotic
wax play!
We will be learning about different types of wax, what is safe for skin,
and how to safely (and sensually) use wax to create an erotic adventure!
The demonstration will guide you through consensual exploration with wax
for a variety of sensations!  From free pouring to candles, wax play can be
relaxing, sensual or incredibly stimulating.

**All wax used for this demonstration is made by Exotique Candles and melts
at 94-98 Degrees Fahrenheit, which is slightly cooler than the average hot

Attendees will have an opportunity to try the wax on their own arm, ask
questions and learn some advanced wax play techniques!

Date:  Sunday, March 17

Time:  6:00pm

Location:  The Traveling Tickle Trunk

Registration Fee:  $25 for one person; $40 for two people registering together. 

To register here select a quantity of one and then choose the number of people registering together.