Workshop - Tantra Basics - Sunday, August 13 at 6:00pm

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Tantra Basics

*No partner required*

Tantra is the practice of using the body, senses, feelings and energy to enhance your experience of sexuality and LIFE.

In this 3 hour workshop you will be introduced to how these ancient practices can be used in your life today.  Not just your love life, but every part of your life!

 In a safe, fun and nurturing environment you will learn how to:

  •  Become aware of energy and chakras
  • Communicate on new levels (beyond verbal and physical)
  • Make meditation easy and fun using your senses
  • Create connection and intimacy in your relationships
  • Enhance your ability receive pleasure
Come alone or with a friend or partner. There is a combination of individual and partner exercises.  For partner exercises, you will be working with others in the group.  This is a clothes-on workshop that emphasis honoring yourself and others as sacred, divine beings.

Investment: $45 or sign up with a friend to receive two tickets for $75.


About Heidi

Heidi is a Tantra facilitator, coach and community builder. Following her formal introduction to Tantric sadhana in 2012 with Agama Yoga, her life has been primarily dedicated to the discovery of the inner self and raising of consciousness. Heidi’s teachings reflect the uprising of Tantra as a spiritual path for the 21st century, presenting a very grounded form of Tantra that is easily integrated into everyday life. Her approach is a pragmatic synthesis of her total life’s work including elements of Hatha Yoga, Classical Indian Tantra Taoist Tantra, Neo-Tantra, Osho style body awareness practices, Energy work, and Shadow Work. She is the founder of Shamaya Tantra and the co-founder of the Canadian Tantra Festival.

For many, Tantra like meditation and yoga, becomes a spiritual practice. As a spiritual practice, the aim of Tantra is not only to reach a place of complete union with yourself and your lover, but also the world and the divine


Date:  Sunday, August 13

Time:  6pm to 9pm

Location:  The Traveling Tickle Trunk - 9923 82 Avenue

Registration Fee:  $45 per person or $75 for two people registering together

*note - you must pre-register in order to attend