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Zumio is a pinpoint precision toy that operates using oscillation - tiny circular movements - rather than the traditional vibrator motor.

Searching for a way to achieve deep stimulation and precise control, Zumio designers took the circular fingertip motion, creating their revolutionary Spiro Tip Technology. The result is satisfying, whirling pulses with up to 8 levels that can be concentrated on smaller areas. Zumio’s oscillation penetrates with a massaging effect that reaches deeper while being gentle on surface nerve-endings. The low vibration handle also won't irritate or numb the hand during use. Alone or with a partner, this unique clitoral stimulator can provide pleasure fast or slow, tickling her pleasure zone like nothing else. Zumio is waterproof and rechargeable. Made of ABS plastic and 100% silicone. 

*Zumio is a special order item and can take up to three weeks to arrive.*