Adopt A Toy - May 28, 2022

It's back!  Adopt A Toy is  happening again, on Saturday, May 28, 2022.  This is your chance to pick up a never used display toy for just a $20 donation to the CHEW Project.  Before you run over to the store there are some important things to know!

Sign up for a spot here.

Note that we do not need your full last name.  A last initial will do.  We don't even need your real name, you just have to remember which name you used.

  1. YOU  NEED TO SIGN UP!!!!  This is a big change from previous events.  In order to avoid big lineups and people crowding close together, we are asking you to sign up for a time slot.  You should come to the store at your designated time, not earlier, and be prepared to show us your sign up confirmation.  We will also have a list in case you don't have your confirmation.  The link to sign up for a spot will be available on Saturday, May 21 at 3pm.  You can get that on this page. from the front page of our site, on our facebook, and through instagram.
  2. You can pick out one toy - just one - in exchange for a $20 donation,  One person, one toy.  No, you cannot pick up something for a friend too, just one, just for you.
  3. Adopt-a-toy items cannot be set aside or reserved in any way.  Do not call us and ask us to hold something for you, not gonna happen!  
  4. Because this is a busy event and we are limiting the number of people in the store, we ask that you pick what you want, give your donation and finish up so others can come in.  You can stay to shop if you like, but please finish up your adopt a toy business first.
  5. All toys have been checked to make sure they work before we put them out.  Beyond that, we offer no guarantees and no returns.  This is not a purchase, it is a gift we are giving you for donating to CHEW project.
  6. We ask for a minimum $20 donation but we are very happy to take more if you want to give more.  Please understand that we are not able to give tax receipts for these donations and neither is CHEW project.
  7. This is a fun event to raise money for an important group.  Don't ruin it for everyone by being a pain.  If you are being a pain and causing problems for us or other customers, we will ask you to leave.