Sex & Disability

The Tickle Trunk is pleased to work with people with all kinds of abilities and disabilities. If you have an injury, illness, or disability that affects your sex life, and you're wondering if toys will help or if there are toys that meet your specific needs, come talk to us! We would be happy to meet with you in the store anytime or privately by appointment to help you find exactly what you need.

The Tickle Trunk store is wheelchair accesible. Our front door is a standard door width that will fit most chairs and scooters, but if standard doors are not wide enough for you, please call us before you come down, and we'll find out if our door is big enough. If it's not, we will work out a way to have you come in, for us to come to you, or to chat on the phone. We're very sorry, but our washroom is not wheelchair accessible.

Our workshops are in accessible and adaptable spaces in the store. We can arrange to adapt our space to help meet your needs — just let us know what they are. If you use the services of a sign language interpreter, we are happy to have your interpreter come to any workshop free of charge, or we can arrange interpreter services for you.

Resources in Edmonton

We work with a bunch of great people and groups in the city that work with disability issues. Here are just a few of them:

The Glenrose Rehabilitiation Hospital Sexual Health Services Team: This awesome team of professionals works with anyone who has a disability, illness, or injury that has affected their sexuality. They will do assessments, provide counselling, occupational therapy services, and hook you up with a urologist or gynecologist.

Other Resources

The Rose Centre for Love, Sex, and Disability: A charitable organization that focuses on positive representations of love sex and disability. They recognize the multiple barriers to participation in love sex and relationships for disabled people and the lack of positive discussion around disability and sexuality.

Condition Specific Resources

Conversations from the Bedroom: Sex after Spinal Cord Injury: Panel conversation hosted by the University of Washington’s Rehabilitation Medicine Department.