Know Your Lotions

Lotions and potions are things like massage oils, warming oils, and body paints that are used externally on the skin. These can be a great place to start because they are relatively tame, but they still allow you to play with new types of intimate touch while you explore your body and your partner's body.

What to look for

  • Choose simple products with clear packaging and ingredient lists. The shorter the list of ingredients, the fewer chemicals and unknown substances you're putting in and on your body.
  • If you can, sample before you buy so that you know you like the smell, taste, and texture of the product.

What to avoid

  • Stay away from things that have a lot of chemicals in them, particularly preservatives — this will feel and taste unnatural.
  • Don't bother with any product that makes great promises like virgin again potions, aphrodisiac formulas, and orgasm creams — they simply do not work.
  • Edible or flavored products can be a lot of fun, but if they contain sugar, just use them on the skin, not in the vagina. Check the ingredient list to find out if there's sugar in it.