Other Resources

Sex Links and Local Sex Resources

The web is filled with great stuff about sex. Unfortunately, it's also filled with horrible stuff about sex.

Here is a list of sites we love, sites we think are useful, and a list of people and places in Edmonton that are doing awesome sex stuff. Note that we cannot verify the validity of the content for external sites, nor do we necessarily endorse all content on these sites.

If you know of a website or agency that should be included in this list, if you find broken links, or if you find defamatory content on any of our links, please email us (note: we will only endorse pro-choice information and agencies.

  • For Youth: We recognize that people of all ages, especially youth, need access to healthy sex-positive information. Here are sites that cater to the under-18 crowd that won't judge or misinform.
  • Alternative Sexualities: Local and online communities, as well as resources and information, regarding the world of alternative sexualities like kink communities, BDSM, swingers clubs, poly communities, and more.
  • Queer Community: Agencies and information specifically created for lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, intersex, two-spirited, and genderfluid folk.
  • Shopping Local: the Tickle Trunk is happy to support and recommend other local businesses that we love!
  • Sexy Fun: Fun stuff, hot stuff, humorous stuff, pop culture, and more.