Choosing A Lube

Choosing a lubricant can be confusing. If you are looking for a new lube or have never tried one, here are some hints and tricks to help you out!

Why Use a Lube?

Lube makes things slippery! It reduces friction and provides cushioning for sensitive tissue. There is a common myth that if a woman is aroused, she will become “wet” enough for intercourse. There are many factors that make this untrue. Many common medications will cause dryness, as well as alcohol, diet, and hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and menopause. Lube is also a great idea for oral sex and can help make a handjob extra slippery. We definitely recommend using a lubricant for anal sex to protect delicate tissue and reduce friction.

TIP: We discourage using lubes with numbing or desensitizing agents. These lubes reduce sensation and mask your body’s way of telling you when something is wrong: pain. If you are having pain during any kind of sex, the solution is to stop what you are doing, and if it continues or is severe, see a doctor. If you continue to have sex when it’s painful, you risk doing damage to your body. Try Maximus for anal sex!

Can I Just Use Spit?

While saliva is handy, it dries out quickly and can actually make things feel even drier afterwards. As well, if your partner has a sexually transmitted infection in their mouth or throat (like gonorrhea or herpes), it can be transferred to you through their spit.

What Are Lubes Made Of?

There are three main types of lubricants: oil, water, and silicone.

Oil based lubes are slippery and will last a long time, but they will stain your sheets and are NOT compatible with condoms. This includes store bought products and “improvised” lubes like hand cream, massage oil, and whipped cream! They also aren’t very nice to the natural balance of a vagina, so we don’t recommend them for internal use. 

Water based lubes are familiar to most people. They are easy to clean up and can be used with any sex toy. They also tend to feel more like the body’s natural lubricant and are less expensive than silicone based lubes. Water based lubes will dry up more quickly than silicone ones. They also vary in consistency from very thin to thick to creams or gels. Some of our favorite water based lubes are Sutil and Sliquid.

Silicone based lubes last much longer than water-based lubes. They feel silky and have a very thin consistency. They can be used in water and are a good choice for a lube that you also want to use for a massage. Silicone lubes are NOT compatible with silicone or cyberskin toys. Almost all pre-lubricated condoms use silicone lubricants. Some of our popular silicone lubes are Sliquid Silver.

Hybrid Lubes are the best of both worlds? Can’t decide between water or silicone? Try a hybrid lube like Liquid Silk! They have a little bit of silicone in them to last longer than a traditional water based lube, but won't ruin your silicone toys. 

What Else Should I Consider?

After you have decided what base you want for a lubricant, here are some other things to consider.

Consistency: Think about whether you would prefer a thin lube or one that is much thicker like a cream or gel. Thicker lubes tend to stay where you put them and provide more of a “cushion” effect. Women who are peri-menopausal may want to use a thicker lube such as Hathor.

Flavour: If you want a lube for oral sex that tastes great, try a flavoured lube. Some lubes use natural flavours while others are artificially flavoured. Artificially flavoured lubes tend to be very sweet. Try Sliquid Swirl for fun flavours like Green Apple and Pina Colada.

Irritants: If you are prone to yeast infections or find you’ve had negative reactions to lubes in the past, it may be because of one or more ingredients in your lube. For a full explanation of possibly irritating ingredients, check out our “Lubricant Ingredients” page. If you are looking for a non-irritating lube, try Hathor, Sliquid H2O, Wet Naturals, or Waterslide. They contain NONE of these ingredients!

TIP: Put a drop of lube into the tip of a condom before putting it on. It makes for a slick feeling and increases sensation for the wearer.