Sex Toy Parties

Host a Tickle Trunk Toy Party!

The Tickle Trunk is unlike any other toy party company because:

We have a store in Edmonton full of more than 800 products — you can choose exactly which items you want to see at your party. If that seems overwhelming, don't worry! We have a carefully selected list of our most popular items all ready to go. You can see this year's party list here.

We bring a working demo model or sampler of all of the products. At a Tickle Trunk party, you don't look at unopened boxes or pictures in catalogs — we put the real toy in your hands.

We bring the products to your party. You won't wait weeks for your items — you'll leave the party with your new toys!

We care about what we sell. None of our products contain phthalates or other harmful chemicals. We also test all of our products to be sure they are top quality.

Our party consultants are employees of the company, not independent sellers. Because we do not have a multi-level structure, we don't need to build multiple mark-ups into our pricing, and that lower pricing is passed on to you!

When you host a Tickle Trunk party, you'll get:

  • A Tickle Trunk sampler full of fun gifts worth more than $45
  • 10% of the total sales of your party in free product of your choice
  • A life-time 10% discount with Tickle Trunk that is good at the store, on our website, and at any Tickle Trunk party
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When you host a party on a Tuesday, you get even more:
  • All the credits and benefits of a regular Tickle Trunk party
  • Instead of the Tickle Trunk sampler, you'll have a choice of one of three gifts worth more than $50 each — see them here.
  • A small gift for you and each of your guests
  • You and each of your guests receive $5 off your purchase at the party

Got more questions? We have the answers to all your party questions here.

Here's what people are saying about Tickle Trunk Toy Parties:

"I've been to other sex toy parties but none of them gave me all of this great information."

"You made me feel comfortable. I had a great time!"

"This is the best toy party I've ever been to. The prices are excellent!'

"I loved how you (the presenter) shared a bit about your own life and experiences. It made me feel more comfortable talking with you."

"I'm glad to know that you test these products so I can be sure I'm getting something good."

"I feel more educated now than I ever have."