Give a Duck About HIV

Did you know that if you are HIV+ and your viral load is undetectable, you cannot pass the virus on to your partners?  Did you know that if your viral load is undetectable, you can expect to live a relatively healthy life with HIV?  We need to spread this word far and wide and let people know how important it is to get tested and get treatment.

The Tickle Trunk is helping to raise money so HIV Edmonton can do just that!  Join us, and Give a Duck about HIV!

When you give us a donation of $5 or more, we will give you a fabulous color changing duck as our thank you.  Money donated will go to Team Wonder for the AIDS Walk and SuperHero run on September 21.

You can pick up a duck at the store or send us an e-transfer at, with a message that you give a duck.  We'll hold your duck(s) for you.

We want to give out 100 ducks - at least $500 for Team Wonder.

UPDATE:  The Tickle Trunk is going to be matching donations for Team Wonder - up to $500.  If we give enough ducks, we will be giving $1000 to Team Wonder for HIV Edmonton.  Help us get there - give a duck!




Give a Duck about HIV

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