Sexual Health and Support in Edmonton

  • HIV Edmonton: HIV Edmonton provides support, education, and advocacy for those infected with, affected by, and at risk of HIV.
  • Insight - Edmonton Sex Therapist: If you're having problems in your sex life, you may want to consider getting professional help from one of Insight's Qualified Sex therapists. Our counsellors are trained specialists who have undertaken specific training in the physical and psychological issues that are associated with sexual functioning.
  • Options Sexual Health Association: OPTIONS Sexual Health Association is a charitable organization in Edmonton that provides sexual health education and counselling services in Edmonton and surrounding communities. Their services include free pregnancy testing, birth control information, telephone and in-person counseling, and more.
  • Woman's Health Options: formerly operating as the Morgentaler Clinic, Woman's Health Options is a clinic comprised of a team of committed medical, social work and support staff who respect a woman's right to reproductive choice and value women's health promotion. They provide education, counseling, information, birth control, referrals and medication and surgical abortions in an atmosphere of respect, dignity, empathy and confidentiality.
  • Women's Cycle Charting: Reproductive Empowerment, drug-free Birth Control, conscious conception, and a Reproductive Health tool. Bear Hands offers individual and group workshops in Sympto-thermal charting, supported by Reiki and Reflexology bodyworks, to monitor women's hormonal balance and reproductive status.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic (Alberta Health Services): Services provided by this clinic include: FREE and CONFIDENTIAL testing, counseling and treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), HIV and Blood borne Pathogens (BBPs). Located in the Edmonton General Hospital Site, or the East Edmonton Health Centre. The clinic works by appointment, but drop-in patients will also be seen.
  • Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton: The Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton is a feminist-based not-for-profit charitable organization that supports children, adolescents, and adults who have experienced sexual abuse or assault, and educates the public about sexual violence. Vision: A world free of sexual violence
  • Works in Progress: Susan larcombe is a registered psychologist who specializes in Marriage and Family therapy, with experience in sexual, sexuality and gender issues.