Take our Stuff, Please!

We've been living in this space for more than 10 years now, and we've accumulated some things that we just don't need anymore.  We are certain there are good homes for these items, we just have to find them.  There are some that we are more than willing to give away.  Some of them cost us a bit of money and we'd love to get a some back to put towards other endeavors.  If you are interested in any of these items, and can pick them up, please contact us at mail@travelingtickletrunk.com.  PLEASE, don't just come to the store without contacting us first - some of these things are living in our storage and will need to be brought over for you.

A Big 'Ol Bunch of Plastic Containers

We've got a bunch of plastic baskets that we've used for display and storage.  Brenda got a little out of control at one point and bought way more than we need. There are two of each of those pink ones.  About 10 containers in total. Most of these are in very good shape - some never even used.  Please take them off our hands.

Price - Free to a good home

DVD/Book Shelves

These IKEA shelves measure 6 feet tall by 12" wide by 8" deep.  They are perfect for DVD.s, books or office supplies.  We have 2 units.  Each comes with 7 moveable shelves.  (porn not included).

Price - $20 each or best offer.

These are spoken for, THANK YOU!

Big Wicker Basket

We used this awesome, huge, sturdy, basket for carting demos around.  We have no need of something this large anymore, but we're sure there's someone who does.  Bottom measure 20" x 13" - it's 8" high.  In excellent shape.  We have another of these baskets with straight sides, almost the same size.  Same asking price.

Price - $10 or best offer



Random 3D Printed Beaver

If you ever said to yourself 'You know what I could really use?  A small 3D printed beaver.  But where can I get something like that'?  We've got you covered.  These little beavers are made to hold the Dave Eva.  Somehow we ended up with a spare and we just really don't need it.  It could hold business cards, dish cloths, signs - any number of things.  Beaver stands about 7" high.
Price - free to someone who needs a plastic beaver.

sorry - this guy is spoken for already