Adore U Wellness - Kegel Ball Set

  • 4800

A great set of soft, smooth, silicone balls and a great price - what more could you need? Toning your pelvic floor muscle (kegel exercises) helps intensify your orgasms and sexual pleasure in general. It's also great for overall health including improving your urinary continence and making pregnancy and delivery smoother and easier.

This set includes 4 balls of 3 different weights that you can interchange by using using the included 100% silicone holder. Begin with the lighter balls of 30 grams and increase to the 40 and 50 grams gradually. User manual included. 

- 3 different weights (2 x 30 g, 1 x 40 g, 1 x 50 g)

- 1.14" (2.9 cm) diameter