Aneros Eupho Syn

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From the Aneros line of prostate toys, the Syn Trident series is their newest line with a silky soft silicone coating and added silicone on the perineum tabs to make them more comfortable.

The Eupho style's unintimidating slim profile makes it appealing for those new to Aneros prostate massagers and anal play. That slim profile also allows it to move freely during sexual intercourse for longer, stronger orgasms. No matter what your experience level is, this characteristic makes partnered sessions more enjoyable. With the Eupho, an experienced user can utilize its slim design and subtle curves to allow it to dance all over the prostate, giving them sensations not found with our other models.

Made of FDA approved plastic and 100% silicone. Comes a with storage box.

Aneros prostate toys can take some time to get used to. The effect depends on your pelvic floor muscle tone. Using the products will improve your pelvic floor as you use them. It may not be what you had hoped on the first use but keep trying and it will get there.

Maximum width: .7" (1.78 cm)

Length: 3.8" (9.65 cm)