Aneros Helix Syn

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From the Aneros line of prostate toys, the Syn Trident series is their newest line with a silky soft silicone coating and added silicone on the perineum tabs to make them more comfortable. Helix Syn has the same great shape as the original Helix with a thinner stem and angled head for greater maneuverability. The flat wide head makes for greater contact with the prostate for more focused stimulation. Helix Syn is perfect for users of all levels. Made of FDA approved plastic and 100% silicone. Comes a with storage box.

Aneros prostate toys can take some time to get used to. The effect depends on your pelvic floor muscle tone. Using the products will improve your pelvic floor as you use them. It may not be what you had hoped on the first use but keep trying and it will get there.

Maximum width: .92" (2.3 cm)

Length: 3.6" (9.14 cm)