Autoblow 2+

  • 19900

The Autoblow 2+ is a hands free masturbation device that has three internal bead-covered rings that stroke up and down for 4" of the sleeve. The springs in the rings can expand for a tight fit. There is a dial at the bottom to control the multiple speeds of the up/down motion. You can hold it in your hand, rest it on your stomach, or lay with it underneath your stomach. The TPR sleeve is removable for cleaning and can be replaced as it wears out. There are no batteries as the Autoblow 2+ plugs into an electrical outlet. Due to the motor driving the spring-loaded beads up and down, the toy does make a bit of noise. The case is made of plastic and the motor is built to last for more than 500 hours of use. The electrical parts and motor of this product are covered by a 6-month warranty. 

9'' tall and 4.2'' wide (23 cm and 10.7 cm)

Size A: 3'' - 4'' girth (7.5-10 cm) All lengths

Size B: 4'' - 5.5'' girth (10-14 cm) All lengths

Size C: 5.5'' - 6.5'' girth (14-16 cm) All lengths