Bristols Six Nippies Skin

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Nippies Skin are made with exclusive ultra-thin Invisifeel™ matte silicone for the smoothest coverage possible. These are made for any time you don't want your nipples to show through your clothes like a white shirt or a slinky dress. The matte silicone is flash-proof so you don't have to worry about it showing in pictures. The semi-transparent silicone blends into multiple skin tones. Ultra-thin with tapered edges eliminates ridges and bumps. Washable and reusable 20-30 times if properly cared for. The skin on this part of the body is usually much lighter than anywhere else, so if deciding between 2 tones, buy the lighter colour. Apply Nippies Skin to clean and dry skin. Nippes Skin will not stick if they are dirty or your skin is oily or has lotion residue. Adhesive style for no bra look non-adhesive for extra coverage.

2 Sizes: Size Small (3”) is designed to fit A-C cups and size Large (4”) is the best choice for cups D+. If you’re unsure which will work, we recommend opting for the larger size.