CB-3000, CB-6000, CB-6000S, and Mr. Stubb

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The CB-X cages are made of three interlocking pieces that are held together with two guide pins and a padlock. All of the CB-X cages are made of polycarbonate material for their lightweight and durability. There are vents in the cages for easy cleaning, drying, and urination. Some prefer using a little bit of silicone lube so the skin doesn't stick to the cage and it is easier to slip inside the cage. Each kit comes with a brass padlock and 5 numbered plastic locks for getting through metal detectors. There is a carrying bag so you never lose a piece. CB-X has a 1-year warranty. 

Note: "Cage length" Is the length of the cage itself. (Not from the back of the ring to the end of the cage.)

Mr. Stubb is:

Cage length: 1 3/4"

Interior Diameter: 1 3/8"

CB-6000S is:

Cage length: 2½"

Interior Diameter: 1 3/8"

CB-3000 is:

Cage length: 3"

Interior Diameter: 1.38"

CB-6000 is:

Cage Length: 3¼”

Interior Diameter: 1 3/8”

All Kits contain:

Cage if your choice

5 rings of varying size (Interior Diameters progress incrementally from 1½” up to 2”)

1 Brass Padlock with 1 key

Multiple locking pins and spacers

5 individually numbered plastic locks

Storage bag

User manual

Determining the Right Size for Your Chastity Device:

Accurately measuring the penis length and diameter will help ensure that you purchase the correct chastity cage size. 

There are two main factors to consider when choosing a cock cage - 1) size of anatomy, and 2) fit preference. If you are looking to achieve a specific fit, such as tight, or more restrictive, exact measurements may not be as relevant. 

It is important to use this chastity sizing guide to accurately measure the penis length and diameter before purchasing a cock cage. To measure yourself for a CB-X chastity device, you will use two items: 

  • A fabric measuring tape
  • Standard 12” ruler

Measuring Length: Using the standard ruler with a flaccid penis, measure from the base of the shaft against the pubic bone to the tip of the penis head. We highly recommend that you take this measurement in “inches”. If you are measuring in millimeters, below is a conversion chart from inches to millimeters for each cock cage.

Measuring Girth: To measure the inside diameter (I.D.) you will need to measure the circumference of your penis. Use a fabric measuring tape and wrap it around the girth of the flaccid shaft, ensuring that the measuring tape is snug, but not pulled too tight. Then divide this measurement by π (3.14) to find your penis diameter. Knowing the diameter of your penis will help when choosing a CB-X chastity device because you will compare it to the inside diameter (I.D.) of our various cock cages.

For Accuracy: Do not take this measurement directly after showering, and/or with an erect (or semi-erect) penis.

Choosing a Chastity Cage

There are two main factors to consider when choosing your chastity device: 

1: Your anatomy size – If you are choosing a cock cage based on your anatomy size, choose the CB-X cock cage that is the closest to your penis measurements. For a first-time chastity wearer, if your penis measurement is exactly identical to a specific cock cage size, you may want to consider choosing the next size up.

2: Your fit preference – Choosing a chastity cage that is identical to your size will result in a very snug-fitting device. Some users prefer a snug fit, while some wish to have more room in their cage. A properly-fitted cock cage should allow you to move through the day comfortably, without allowing a full erection inside of the device.

Alternatively, the male chastity experience you desire may determine the model of the device you wear or are instructed to choose by your Keyholder, regardless of personal size.

Ultimately, you know your body and lifestyle best, so be sure to select the chastity cage that is aligned with your needs. We cannot suggest which model you should purchase and will not be held responsible for a model that does not fit.