GRS Rigid Dilators

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Soul Source GRS dilators have been developed in conjunction with a leading surgeon to help transgender people following Genital Reassignment Surgery (GRS). Designed to maintain the integrity and depth of the vagina, our GRS vaginal dilators are recommended by surgeons throughout the world.

Soul Source Rigid Plastic (RP) Vaginal Dilators were designed to help people undergoing progressive vaginal dilation therapy where a firmer dilator is needed. Medical professionals also use RP dilators to break up adhesions and prevent scar contracture from forming post surgery, helping people to improve their physical health by maintaining the integrity and depth of the vagina.

Soul Source RP dilators are a valuable method of adjunctive treatment, both during and after radiation therapy. The dilators are indicated after both ablative and reconstructive gynecologic surgery. Maintaining the integrity of a normal vaginal caliber facilitates a higher quality of follow-up examination, as well as helping people to maintain normal sexual function and alleviate sexual pain.

Available in 6 sizes, the vaginal dilators are made of polyurethane plastic.

Size #P1 (violet) 9" length x 7/8" diameter (22.9 X 1.9 cm)

Size #P2 (orange) 9" length x 1" diameter (22.9 X 2.54 cm)

Size #1 (violet) 9" length x 1-1/8" diameter (22.9 X 3 cm)

Size #2 (blue) 9" length x 1-1/4" diameter (22.9 X (3.2 cm)

Size #3 (green) 9" length x 1-3/8" diameter (22.9 X 3.5 cm)

Size #4 (orange) 9" length x 1-1/2" diameter (22.9 X 3.8 cm)