Intimate Invasions

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Intimate Invasions

The title says it all! Klismaphilia - enema play - is one of the last taboos of kinky sex, yet this style of play can be erotic, intense and safe. M.R. Strict, an experienced practitioner whose expertise and enthusiasm have been shared by hundreds of thousands of devotees on his website, shares some of his hottest and most outrageous personal enema experiences (with men and women, gay and straight). Between the anecdotes, he explains the psychology, physiology and safety issues of using enemas as a disciplinary scenario, part of a medical roleplay, preparation for other forms of play or simply as exciting foreplay. The first book that explains how to bring the thrilling yet forbidden practice of klismaphilia to your own bedroom!   

"A straightforward examination and exploration of Klismaphilia, a type of kinky sex that despite its taboo, can be both erotic and safe if done properly. If one is going to undertake Klismaphilia for consensual sexual fulfillment, it is above all vital to follow safety guidelines - but whether one intends to personally undergo the experience or simply  wishes to learn more about it, Intimate Invasions is not to be missed." - Midwest Book Review

M.R. Strict is the pseudonym of a white-collar professional who has been an erotic enema practitioner and educator for several decades. Although his primary orientation is heterosexual, he has traveled worldwide to enjoy this practice with enthusiasts of all genders and orientations.

Paperbook. 144  pages