One Condom Varieties in Singles

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Singles by ONE are a great way to try to see which latex condom works for you and easy to stock up on your favourites. 

Super Sensitive: Their original straight-walled design in thinner latex.

  • Average Length: 192 mm
  • Average Width: 53 mm

    Glow: Expose to light for 30 seconds for up to half an hour of glowing fun.

    • Average Length: 192 mm
    • Average Width: 53 mm

    The Legend: A larger sized head makes this condom more comfortable for larger penises. It has a flared shape for more room at the head.

    • Average Length: 200 mm
    • Width at Base: 56 mm
    • Width at Head: 61 mm
    • Width at Middle: 58.5 mm

    Pleasure Plus: The room and texture at the head increases sensation. Great shape for foreskin. 

    • Average Length: 194 mm
    • Average Width at Base: 53 +/- 2mm
    • Average Width at Head: 70 mm
    • Average Width at Middle: 52 mm