Spareparts Joque Harness

  • 16500

The most innovative harness we've ever seen! Designed to be the ultimate in comfort and versatility, the Joque is crafted in multi-layered Nylon and lined with soft, sensual mesh to provide breathability for blissful all-day wear. Created with flexibility in mind, it easily adapts to your unique size and shape, becoming a virtual “second skin” to provide maximum pleasure for both the wearer and the receiver. Best of all, the unique, stretchable elastic O-ring fits a wide variety of toys, including double dils, providing a full range of erotic options for you and your partner. The pouch-style dil holder is soft against the skin and protects the wearer from friction or abrasion from the toy. The Joque will work packing enthusiasts! Want to play in the water? No problem! The Joque is ideal for the shower, bathtub, spa, or wherever your imagination takes you. The Joque can be hand or machine washed! Air dry. Spareparts items have a 1-year warranty. 

Size A: 20"-50" waist, 10"-16" leg straps (51 cm-127 cm), (25.4 cm-40.6 cm)

Size B: 35"-65" waist, 14"-24" leg straps (89 cm-165 cm), (35.6 cm-61 cm)

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We only have black in stock but if you are interested in other colours, email us!