The Jealousy Workbook

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The Jealousy Workbook

From the initial stages of trying to agree who can do what with whom, through advanced issues such as coping with logistics and seeking compersion, every relationship sooner or later confronts jealousy - and some relationships do not survive the confrontation.

Between these covers you will find forty-two exercises with supporting text, developed by a professional relationship counselor and refined by hundreds of clients trying to find their own paths through jealousy. They range from basic (Exercise Two, Clarify Your Relationship Orientation) through challenging (Exercises Thirty-Four, Imagine Looking Through Their Eyes and Being In Their Shoes). All can be done solos, with a partner, or under the supervision of a helping professional, and all can be done before a problem emerges or in the throes of a jealousy crisis.

Along the way, you will find solutions to the issues that bedevil even the most happily open relationships.

A counselor and nurse, Kathy Libriola has extensive experience assisting people with the challenges of non-traditional relationships. She is the author of Love In Abundance and many articles and essays. 

Paperback. 187 pages.