Tickle Trunk Surprise Bag

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The Tickle Trunk's famous surprise bags are back for a limited time.  They will be available from November 14 to November 20 only.  Bags will be available on line to ship or to pick up at the store.  You can also drop by the store to grab one and pay there.

For only $50, you'll get a selection of carefully curated products worth at least $150. We can't tell you what's in each bag, but we can tell you this

- each product passes the Tickle Trunk test for safety and quality - no phthalates, no solvents, no plasticizers

- each bag will contain at least three sex toys - at least two of which will be vibrating toys

- each bag will contain at least one lube or one massage oil

- some of the bags contain products in excess of $150 - these are a great deal!

Here's some things to note:

- all products are sold as is, there is no return or exchange for any product in the bags - no exceptions

- no warranties are offered on toys in the bags - contact the manufacturer in case of defects

- there are no discounts on surprise bags - discount codes cannot be used for them

-when you order online, we will select a bag for you, no choice of bags is offered for online purchases - don't worry, we don't know what's in them either  but they are all great

Here's a picture of some of the things you might find - these are only a few of the toys - there could be some of these, could be others, who knows?