Your Open Closet Chest Binder

  • 6000

Looking to bind, but don't want to be too uncomfortable while doing so? Your Open Closet has designed something just for you! This binder is designed to compress and minimize the appearance of one's chest, providing a flatter silhouette. The arm straps are cut wide to decrease pressure on the underarms and shoulders, and the binder is lined with a comfortable canvas panel to provide more compression in the front, while leaving the back open to allow for easy breathing. There is no binding on the shoulders. 

Made of 90% nylon/10% spandex.

               Chest                       Under bust

XXS         27-29"                      24-25"

XS           30-32"                     26-27"    

Small       33-35"                     28-29"

Medium    36-37"                   30-32"

Large        38-40"                    33-35"

XL             41-43"                    36-39"

2X             44-46"                    40-42"

3X             47-49"                    43-45"

4X             51-53"                    46-48"

5X             54-56"                    49-51"

Available in black or white in all sizes.

Made in Canada.  Designed by Your Open Closet in Vancouver.