Never One to Miss an Opportunity

Today i got an e-mail about a brand new 50 Shades of Grey themed kit that is 'sure to sell out'. I've been flooded with this stuff as everyone is trying to ride this most recent wave of interest in toy. But this one annoyed me because it's so damn cynical. It's the '50 Shades of Purple' kit from, you guessed it, our old friend Laura Berman.
This is the same kit that she has been marketing forever except that they've added a set of crappy steel ben wa balls to the kit along with the crappy furry cuffs and crappy flimsy blindfold and crappy little feather. I couldn't get a price on it because it's not actually out yet, but the price on the other kit without the crappy ben wa balls is $45. So this one is probably $65 or $70. I know these products because they are also sold separately through Cal Exotics and they are so NOT WORTH IT! Considering the quality, this kit should cost about $35. I get just a little tired of companies marketing cheap crap with nice packaging and fancy names, trying to make it sounds like it's more than it is. If you want a 50 Shades of Grey experience, you'd come much closer with just a necktie like they use in the book and a set of Smartballs (which cost $38 and are not crap - they will last for years - and are more similar to the experience described in the book than these dumb little steel balls). I couldn't track it down but I am fairly certain that Cal Exotics also has this exact same package under their own brand name and not Laura Berman's. If you really want this box 'o garbage, get that one because it will be about $20 less. But if you like the idea of a kit of fun and naughty stuff, look up sportsheets and whipsmart/adventure industries. They make all kinds of intro kink stuff that is not scary - great for the beginner. And all of it is good quality that works well and lasts. They both have a few kits of blindfolds, ticklers and cuffs that will provide many more hours of fun.