Creepy Sex Toys?

I just ran across a blog post about creepy sex toys. I'm always interested to see what new and potentially scary things people have found in the the world of toys so I checked it out. Turns out, what's creepy to one person is pretty damned exciting to another.

With all due respect to the author of the blog, labeling most of the 16 items shown as unsexy and creepy belies a lack of exposure to the vast universe of sexual expression. Half of the toys are fetish toys. Perhaps you're not excited by the idea of total sensory deprivation but some people certainly are. One of the items pictured is a chastity cock cage. We get a lot of requests for male chastity devices. It's not all that unusual form of play and it can be ridiculously hot for the person wearing the cage and, if there is one, for the person with the keys or the control over the cage.

There are real dolls and teddy bear vibrator holders and sleeves with vampire teeth on them. Yes, it's not everybody's cup of tea but lots of folks have fantasies and fetishes about these things. We can't necessarily explain what turns us on about this stuff and I don't think we even need to. If vampires float your boat, go for it! Who is it hurting?

So while, I was disappointed to find that nothing here really seemed outrageous to me, I was actually pleased by that too. It all seems pretty normal to me. We all like different stuff and that's why there's so much different stuff out there. The only things that I tend to think are unsexy and creepy and things that can hurt you - like that godawful pussy pumice stone I wrote about a few months back.

And this:

This is just wrong. If you have fantasies about being fellated by John Holmes, I have no problem with that at all, but you could do much better than this nasty Doc Johnson toy.