Cory Silverberg Provides an Updated Response to the Age Old Question 'Where do Babies Come From?'

We've all seen those books that help parents explain where babies come from. Some of them, like the classic, 'Where did I come from?', are even pretty good. But times have changed. Sure, it still takes a sperm and an egg to make a baby, but the story of how that sperm and egg come to meet can be more complex than those classic books let on. Do these books really explain enough for kids who may be coming from less traditional situations? What about kids who were adopted? What about kids whose parents hired a surrogate to carry them? What about kids who were conceived by IVF? What about kids of transgendered parents or parents who don't identify with traditional genders? There are many ways for sperm and egg to meet and there are many types of parents. Cory Silverberg, well-known sex educator, thought it was time for a book that included all of those many ways.

Cory's book 'What Makes a Baby' is a book for kids from preschool to 8 years old that explains that mysteries of where babies come from without referencing gender or parent roles. It's not necessarily Mommy and Daddy that make a baby and it's not necessarily Mommy and Daddy who take care of the baby and a parents to the baby. This books acknowledges that and provides a resources for both parents and children who are left out of all the other 'Where Do Babies Come From' resources.

Cory is currently running a kickstarter campaign to help raise money to publish the book. There has been so much interest in the project that there has already been enough funds raised to publish. However, Cory is hoping to be able to print 2000 copies of the book and they need a little more support to accomplish that goal. If you pledge $30 or more, you get a copy of the book. If you don't want to get it through the kickstarter campaign, the book is set to be published in June.