Abbotsford is Getting it On Again

In an unsurprising turn of events, CanWest announced yesterday that the Abbotsford Taboo show is back on. The dates have changed and CanWest, in a rather carefully worded statement, says that they are working on the liquor license issue and are confident it can be resolved.

They say that there was an overwhelming display of support for the show after they announced the cancellation in February, proving that the larger community wants the show there.

I think it's great that the show is back on but I am just a bit critical of CanWest's handling of it. The notice to potential exhibitors about the show very boldly states that the cancellation has given the show a ton of publicity. "The buzz is beyond awesome and this is going to be our most publicized show ever." They say.

Look CanWest, I love you, but that kind of language really makes a cynical person like me wonder if you didn't cook all of this up yourself to boost sales. I know, you would never do that, but maybe you should tone it down a bit and not give those who oppose Taboo anymore grist for their gripe mills.