Cookies for Justice - sweet!

This is just a short post to encourage everyone to buy girl guide cookies. In fact, buy a dozen, or several dozen. Why, because Girl Scouts are the latest target of the Christian right-wing in the states. Yes, we are in Canada,and we don't have girl scouts, we have girl guides, but they are affiliated with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, and we can still show solidarity by supporting those little girls and their delicious cookies.

What's all the hub-bub? In October of last year, a girl scout troupe in Colorado reversed an initial decision to bar a 7-year-old transgendered girl from participating in scouts. This is, of course, the thing to do. She is a girl and she wants to go to girl scouts. They don't do strip searches for anyone else, why should what this little girl's private bits look like have any bearing on her ability to participate? They said no initially, there was a huge uproar and they relented and said yes.

Well, the vocal minority has lost their shit over it and there have been obnoxious blog posts and videos decrying how dishonest and perverse girls scouts of America is. They are demanding a boycott of girl scout cookies. How stupid is that? Who in their right mind doesn't like girl scout cookies?

It's wrong and bigoted, and just plain stupid. So even though we are not in Colorado, we can do something in support (tasty, tasty support) by buying heaps of cookies.