Hi there! I'm Brenda, the founder and owner of the Traveling Tickle Trunk. I manage the office, and I also do a lot of the parties and presentations. I became a social worker back in 1995 and focused on counselling, education, and crisis intervention for women who have lived through physical and sexual violence. In 1999, I got a job as an educator for the HIV Network of Edmonton. This was actually quite a laugh at the time because I was one of the most sexually sheltered and conservative people you might ever have met. That all changed very soon after I took that job. I began seeing a very adventurous man who started to teach me all about toys and sexual expression. Up until that point, I had never even held a vibrator in my hand! This lovely person introduced me to toys and showed me how much there was for me to discover about myself by exploring my sexuality. My personal exploration and my professional training merged, and I began to learn a lot about sexual health. When I found out that there were companies that sell sex toys at home parties, I thought that would be a fun and positive way to do sexual health education (and to get lots of toys!).

I started working for one of the many toy party companies that existed at the time. Because of my interest in sexual health, I began to research the products I was selling (like most home party companies, they didn't do any training at all on what was actually in the products). I was shocked to discover that many of the products I was selling contained ingredients that are not body-safe! I also began to notice that many of the products were very poor quality and would break easily.

I started to look for a company that sold high quality, safe products. I wanted to find a company that had an emphasis on product knowledge and education. I wanted to work for a company that people could go to with their concerns and questions and get accurate, honest, non-judgmental information. I wanted to find a company that treated sex in a fun and respectful way, not as a joke. I could not find any company that did all these things. So I decided to start that company myself.

In February 2003, The Traveling Tickle Trunk was born. It is my passion and my joy. It is a place where you can get the information, support, and high quality products you want so that you can make your sex life the best it can be — whatever that means to you. It is a place where all of the staff are trained toy experts who really understand sex and pleasure. Your sexuality is a gift to be proud of, to celebrate, and to enjoy. We want to help you do just that!

I love to chat, and you can reach me with questions or comments or to book a party or presentation, at

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