Advance Orders

Earn More Free Stuff - Get Advance Orders for Your Party

If you have friends who can't make it to your party, they can still shop and contribute to your free Tickle Trunk shopping spree! We have three easy ways for them to do this! 

They can give their order and payment to you.

Your friends can look at the product catalogue on the website and pick out what they would like to order. They can give you their order with the payment in cash or cheque (don't forget to add the 5% G.S.T.). At your party, you will fill in the order form for them and give the Tickle Trunk rep. the order and payment. We will give you the product if we have it in stock,  or drop it off within two to three weeks, if we don't have it in stock. The amount of that order will be added to your party total.

If you know about these orders ahead of time, you can call or e-mail the office and have us bring those products to your party.

They can place their order through the Tickle Trunk office.

If your friends would like some privacy, or if they would like to use their credit card, they can order through the website or by phone. These orders will normally be brought to you to be delivered to your friends unless they specify that they would like it delivered directly to them or would like to pick them up at the store.

Remind your friends that, in order for you to get the credit, they must tell the Tickle Trunk office that they are ordering for your party. They must complete and pay for their order before the date of the party. The office will notify your sales rep. of the additional credits and they will be added to your total. 

We cannot give credit for orders paid for after your party is over.

They can make a purchase at the store.

They must tell us that the order is to be applied to your party. Purchases must be made before your party begins.