Host Benefits

Here's the Deal with the Free Stuff!

As a Tickle Trunk party host, you will receive:

  • A beautiful gift collection worth approximately $45
  • 10% of the total of your guests' purchases in free products of your choice. This means if you guests buy a total of $400, you'll get $40 free!
  • A life-long 10% discount on all your future purchases from TTT — this discount applies at the store, on our website, and at any other TTT party

Here's how your host benefits work:

  • All of your guests will order first — that's right, you're the host but you have to go last!
  • The total of your guests' purchases (before GST) are added together
  • You get 10% of the total in free merchandise of your choice. Unlike other companies, we don't select the products you can purchase with your free credits. You can choose anything you like — even special orders.

Here's the fine print:

  • Free credits are given only for guests' purchases. Your purchases are not included in the total for the credits.
  • Free credits are given only for purchases that are paid in full by the end of the party. Sorry, we cannot hold parties open for future purchases, so be sure guests that cannot make it to the party have ordered with us beforehand or have given their orders to you.
  • If there is more than one host, the credits will be divided between them. Additional credits and bonuses will not be given. However, each host will receive the 10% lifetime discount.
  • The 10% lifetime discount begins after the party is closed. It is not valid for purchases made at the party unless the host has hosted a party previously. In this case, the discount is applied after all other credits and bonuses have been taken off the order.