Party FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Tickle Trunk Toy Parties

People who want to host a toy party usually have lots of questions for us. These are the questions we are asked most often. If you don't find the answer to your questions here, please give us a call or send us an email — we'd love to help you out!

PLEASE NOTE:  We are currently delivering toy parties only in our Whyte Avenue store.  We are not doing home parties at this time.


How many people should I invite?

The minimum number of guests is 5, including yourself. The maximum number for our party room at the store is 10.   

Is there a cost for a party or a minimum amount of sales?

No, Tickle Trunk toy parties are free, and there is no minimum sales requirement. But please remember that even though we love our job, it is still work for us, and we get paid only by commission from the sales at your party.

How long is a toy party?

It will be about 2 hours.   This includes a presentation of about two hours and a break and time for ordering afterwards. The length depends on the size (and rowdiness) of the group.

What products will you show at my party?

We hand-pick a collection of our best products to show at parties. You can see the list here.  This party list will also be emailed to you when you confirm your booking. You can also choose to have different or additional products at your party. In fact, you can choose from anything on the website and in the store. Be sure to let us know about three days in advance if you would like to see products that are not on the list.

If there's something specific I want that isn't on the list, can I have it at the party?

Yes, if it is something that we carry in the store, we'd be happy to show it. If the item you're looking for is something we don't normally carry, we can usually bring it in for you if you give us at least two weeks' notice. If we custom order an item we don't normally carry, we do consider it a commitment to buy on your part.

How does the ordering work and what forms of payment do you take?

Your guests will make their purchases in a separate room so they can have some privacy.  Most items are in-stock which means you'll take your purchases home that day!  Anything not available that night will be available within two weeks. We accept cash, debit/Interac, Apple Pay, Amex, Visa, and Mastercard.

If some of my friends can't come to the party, can they still put in an order?

Yes! Your friends can order before your party or give their orders to you. Those orders will count towards your credits. Don't forget to tell all of your friends about this when you invite them. Any extra orders mean more free stuff for you! Check out our page on advance orders to find out more.

Are parties for women only?

Tickle Trunk parties are inclusive of all genders. You can invite anyone you want — after all, it is your party!

What do I need to do as a host?

All you need to do is book the party and let your guests know.  If you'd like to bring food and drink, see below.

Can I serve food and alcohol?

Yes.  Our party room at the store is quite small but there is space for a few snacks and drinks.  You may bring alcohol but it must stay in the party room and not be brought out into the store.

How do the host/hostess benefits work? What will I get? 

Have a read through our Host Benefits page to understand more about all the gifts and free stuff you'll get at your party, as well as how to use your permanent 10% Tickle Trunk discount.