Stagette FAQ

You Have Stagette Questions, We Have Answers!

People who want to host a Tickle Trunk stagette often have lots of questions for us.  These are the questions were are most often asked. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please give us a call or send us an e-mail.


How many people should I invite?

The minimum number of guests is 7, including yourself. The maximum we suggest is about 20.  We find the best groups are between 12 and 18. Remember that you can invite quite a few more than that as many will not be able to come. If you have a very small or very large group, talk with us about how we can tailor a part to suit your needs.

Can I still throw a Tickle Trunk stagette if I have less than 7 people?

We're not able to do home parties for groups of less than 7, but we can do a party in our store. We have a party room for up to 10 people. Contact us about setting up a toy party at the store.

What is the cost?

Our fabulous and fun stagettes are provided to you free of cost. However, please remember that we earn our money through product sales. Please make sure your guests understand that there will be products for sale and are prepared to make purchases if they wish (ie. have money with them). Remember to tell your guests that their purchases count towards free gifts for your guest of honor!

I want to surprise the bride. Can we do this without telling her?

Unfortunately, no. While it might seem like fun to surprise your friend with a toy party, our experience has been that this is not a good idea. Some people are just not comfortable with a toy party, even if they seem like they would be. The Tickle Trunk will not do a stagette for an unsuspecting bride. Don't worry, there will be plenty of surprises for her at the party – but she should know in advance that she is going to a toy party.

How long is a toy party?

From the time we arrive at your door to the time we leave, it will be about 3 hours. This includes a presentation of about 2 hours and time for ordering after. The length depends on the size (and rowdiness) of the group.

We have a limited time because we have plans before/after the party – can it be shorter than three hours?

While we do our best to accommodate your needs, we've found that rushing through a party is not fun for anyone. We recommend that you allow at least 3 hours for the toy party. If you don't have that much time, you might consider changing your plans for before or after to allow enough time.

How does the ordering work?

Your guests will make their purchases in a separate room so they can have some privacy. We carry stock with us which means most guests will take home their purchases the night of your party! Anything not available that night will be delivered to you within 2 -3 weeks for you to give to your guests. You can assure your guests that we seal all of the packages so you won't know what they bought.  If they like, they can also choose to pick up their orders at the store.

What products will you show at the party?

We select a variety of our most popular products to show at parties. This means that not everything on the website and in the store will be shown or available at your party.  Have a look at our party products page for a list of the current products that will be shown at your party. You can find pictures and descriptions of these items in our catalog. 

There's something specific I want that's not on the party list – can you have it in for my party?

If it's an item that we normally carry in the store, let us know a few days before your stagette and we should be able to have it at the party for you. If it is an item we don't normally carry, if you let us know at least two weeks before your party, we can probably have it there for you. Remember that if you special order an item, we consider it a commitment to buy that item.

What forms of payment do you take?

We can take debit/interac, cash, personal cheques, Visa, and MasterCard. 

Can I invite guys?

You can invite anyone you want, after all, it is your party!

What do I need to do as a host?

Very little! All you need to do is have a space for us to do the presentation and a room with a table for the ordering. A parking spot close to your door and a hand with moving things in is also helpful. We will take care of everything else. It is totally up to you if you want to serve your guests food and drinks, have a potluck, or nothing at all.  

How do the host/hostess benefits work? What does the bride-to-be get and what do I get?

Usually, you, the host, will get the host gift. Both you and the bride will get the lifetime 10% discount. The bride-to-be will get the 10% free credits and the half-price item if it applies. You can make changes to this plan if you wish. Talk to your Tickle Trunk representative before the party if you wish to make changes. For more details on how the free gifts and benefits work, check out the hostess benefit page.

My guests and I want to give extra cash gifts to the bride so she can pick out more products. How does that work?

Usually, guests will leave their gifts with the Tickle Trunk rep when they are making their orders. They will designate how much money they wish to give as a gift – this may be by cash, cheque, debit or credit card. The Tickle Trunk rep will make a note of all of the gifts. When the bride orders, the entire amount of those gifts will be added to the 10% credit. You may also choose to pass around a collection during the party. If you choose to do this, it should be presented to the bride before she orders and she will take it into the order room with her.

What if some of my friends can't come? Can they still put in an order?

Yes! Check out our page on advance orders to find out how.

What about decorations? 

We encourage you to decorate for your stagette to help get everyone into the mood of the party. We do not sell stagette decorations at our store. There are several novelty retailers and party stores that have great stagette stuff. If you'd like some suggestions, let us know.

What games will you play, can we play our own games?

We have two short games that we play at the beginning and middle of the party. We also have an ongoing activity that results in a prize at the end. If you wish to have additional games, you may do so. We recommend that you play those games at the end of party while your guests are ordering.

We wanted to have a lingerie party before our toy party, is this okay?

You can plan whatever you would like for the bride-to-be's special day but we don't recommend doing two shopping parties in one day. While it's tempting to try to fit in as much fun as possible, we've found that your guests will be tired after the first one and may just not have the energy for the next one. Also remember that home party sales reps work on commission. Guests are likely not going to be interested in purchasing at both parties so it's not really fair to the sales reps at either party.

Can we have alcohol at the stagette?

Yes! Have at 'er!