Porn is not the Problem

Tuesday February 6, 2018
This morning, I saw an article titled 'Conservative MP says underage access to porn is a key factor in #MeToo cases'.  It seems that at a press conference about the documentary on Sheldon Kennedy's experience of abuse, Alberta MP Arnold Viersen said that he believes that access to online porn is a major cause of the problem of sexual abuse.  As I would have expected, this sparked a lively social media debate, getting people all riled up about porn and what should or should not be done about it.  This, I believe, is exactly what Viersen, and other people who raise this issue, want.

Thinking You Are Addicted to Porn is Far More Damaging than Porn Itself

Saturday May 20, 2017
Last week, I read this article by David Ley, that had me almost jumping out of my chair for joy.  It seems that finally somebody decided to study not the harm that pornography addiction causes, but the harm that thinking you are addicted to pornography causes.

'Hot Girls Wanted:Turned On" Turned Me Off

Tuesday May 9, 2017

I saw the documentary  Hot Girls Wanted when it came to Netflix about a year ago. I do believe that there are lot of very troublesome and concerning things that happen in some sectors of the porn industry and I think it would be interesting to make a documentary that actually looks at that honestly and offers some insight and options for action.  Hot Girls Wanted is not that documentary.  It is extremely sex negative.  It makes sweeping generalizations about porn after speaking to only one small group involved in creating extremely misogynistic content for just a couple of producers. 

So when I heard that Netflix had made a series out of the doc, I had no interest in watching it.  That was, until I started reading criticism from people who had been featured in the documentary. 

Is Porn a 'Public Health Crisis'?

Thursday January 26, 2017
Virginia and South Dakota have joined Utah in passing resolutions declaring pornography a public health crisis.  What, you might ask, does this mean?

Catholic School Board Wants Porn Off Your TV

Wednesday October 19, 2016

I just ran across this in my newsfeed.

I had to double-check the article to be sure this wasn't some sort of parody or perhaps, real, but from 1986.  No, it's real and it's dated from yesterday.