Penny Flame's Expert Guide to Hand Jobs (Male or Female)

Friday January 17, 2014
Hand jobs might be the most overlooked sexual activity ever – at least by couples. Some people think it’s something they can do to themselves, so why bother doing it with a partner? Others may equate sex with some form of genital insertion like intercourse or oral.

Your Vagina Smells Fine

Wednesday September 5, 2012
Quick Update - our Fun Factory G4 toys have arrived! We currently have the Tiger, Calla and Big Boss click'n'charge vibes in stock; check them out on our website.
Back to the news; Summer's Eve, a company that produces douches, wipes and deoderizing sprays to combat that 'not-so-fresh-feeling', ie - smelly vagina, has launched an innovative new advertising campaign.

More Safer Sex

Wednesday September 5, 2012
Terrible grammar? Depends how you look at it!

I like to think that most adults consensually engaged in sex in Edmonton are aware that condoms exist; what they look like, what they are for and how to use them. Condoms are a, if not THE, staple of safer sex in the modern era. They are cheap, readily available and over-the-counter, and protect the wearer and their partners from pregnancy and several STIs, including HIV. Condoms save lives, pure and simple. Even the Pope knows it.

Sexy play for the Eco-minded

Friday August 24, 2012
Great sex doesn't need to hurt the environment, even with accessories! Sex toys and product companies have recently begun paying attention to their consumer's earth-friendly attitudes and developing new toys and products with a smaller carbon footprint. There are also more than more products on the market that are safe for our vegan-minded friends and those who don't use products tested on animals. Here are some great tips for how to explore and enjoy sexual play while having less of an impact on the planet.

What's to love about glass sex toys

Thursday August 23, 2012
Sex toys come in multiple materials, including silicone, rubber, metal, wood, jelly, cyber skin, plastic, etc. Some are safer than others. One of the safest toy materials currently used today, when used correctly, is glass. More specifically, clear, medical grade borosilicate glass, also known as "hard glass"; this is the same kind of glass that they make science beakers and test tubes as well as glass measuring cups out of. You may have heard the term "Pyrex" to describe glass toys, which is generally synonymous with borosilicate glass (although there are a few, less popular types of borosilicate glass which aren't Pyrex, most glass toys are Pyrex).  Though it is naturally colourless, additional colour can be added late in the manufacturing process.